Our History

Lewis Press Ltd had its origins way back in 1949. Mrs Ennua Pace and the late Mr. Emmanuel Pace (parents of existing management team) took a bold step and bought a manually-operated printing machine. Through thick and thin, and propelled by the commitment of the founders, the business slowly expanded its operations. As was customary during those days, families were large, and the eldest members of the current management team joined the business at a young age. Coupled with the recruitment of key employees currently still employed with the company, this solidified the operational and organisational platform of the business. The 1970s to 2003 turned out to be a period of consolidation, during which the business expanded its customer base through a deep commitment to quality and excellent customer service. This growth necessitated the business relocation to bigger premises on two occasions. It was during this period that the company established itself as a leader in the production of the following:

Wine and beverage labels
Annual Reports and Portfolios
Brochures and magazines
Packaging materials for the textile and food industry.

The third and final relocation to the current factory at Hal-Far was completed in 2004, and an extension was finalised in 2012.  

Production Facilities

The current facility occupies an area of 4,850 square metres.

200sqm Pre-Press
850sqm Printing
1585sqm Finishing
65sqm Clean Room
150sqm Workshop
1600 sqm Warehousing
400sqm Administration

The production facilities were granted by Malta Enterprise under a lease agreement of 16 years. The factory has been fully refurbished to high standards, including air-conditioning in the production area.  In the planning of the layout of production facilities and product workflow, consideration was given to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements of pharmaceutical packaging provider, outlined in the Institute of Quality Assurance standard PS9000:2016, covering both secondary packaging (cartons, leaflets & inserts) and primary packaging (aluminium foil printing). Capital and infrastructural expenditure on the Hal-far factory premises alone have exceeded Euro 2 million.

The move to Hal-Far was accompanied by a considerable investment in new machinery and equipment.  An amount exceeding Eur 6 million were re-invested in plant and equipment during the last eleven years. 


Human Resources

All the products produced by Lewis Press are manufactured in-house by a complement of 55 personnel. All production processes are continuously monitored by the Quality Department, made up of eight full-time employees.   This department operates autonomously from all other functions, particularly the Operations function, ensuring that quality-related decisions are properly risk-assessed.

Prior to assignment of tasks to personnel, the company management ensures that the required degree of competence has been achieved.   This personnel competence is sustained by refresher training programmes.   Apart from providing personnel with the required amount of technical training, particular emphasis is placed on GMP training.   This approach ensures that the product we deliver to our customers is fit for purpose and safe.