Kodak InSite

Customers may access the portal system by Clicking Here.

Kodak InSite is a prepress portal system developed by one of the world's leaders in imaging technology that enables printing companies and their customers to efficiently manage the process of artwork submission and approval. Kodak InSite provides Lewis Press with an opportunity to create an online platform where customers are able to upload artworks, approve/reject edited artworks and request further changes to edited artworks.

The introduction of such a system will provide an opportunity to eliminate e-mail artwork attachments and associated risks.  The solution is deeply integrated within the company’s workflow and a full audit trail of actions/amendments carried out between original submission and final approved are recorded by the system.


  • Enables customers to create jobs, monitor works in progress, provide comments on changes and approve artworks
  • Tailor-made email notifications triggered from specific actions conducted by both the customer and in-house personnel
  • Reduce unexpected delays
  • Minimising errors and costs
  • Improved tracking of all activity